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Tuesday February 20, 2018

WELCOME... the production book. A website/web-app for use by production departments in the theatre and associated performing arts industries.

It’s about the people, not the paperwork; let's get ourselves out of the office and back onto the floor.

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The Production Book

It's about the people, not the paperwork; lets get ourselves out of the office and back onto the floor

With this ethos in mind, the sketch site for the production book is at:

Seminars, looking at how people might engage with this initiative, have taken place at the National Student Drama Festival, JISC and at the Royal Opera House. More in the pipeline - watch this space…

And providing food for thought on a daily basis, encouraging an intelligent approach to Stage Management, iSM has its new look site at:

Mark Simpson

Once you're logged in, your permissions, your role and your department will determine the blocks of information available to you.

NB you don't need USERNAME or PASSWORD for this sketch site, so just click the green buttons on this page and the next to get in.

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Food for thought...

The colour green

Superstition: The colour green is considered to be unlucky. This is said to date from the time when most performances were given out-of-doors. Wearing green would make it hard to distinguish the actor from grass/trees/bushes in the natural setting beyond the performing area. Another possible cause of this superstition is that green light tends to make actors look corpse-like. Despite this superstition, the off-stage waiting area for actors is referred to as the green room.

Posted on 19 February 2012 | 8:35 pm

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